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Moner Kotha - Ananjan Chakraborty | Chakraborty Samrat

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Ananjan, is the son of the prominent and one of the most respected Hindusthani classical vocalists of all time, Padmashree Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty and Smt. Chandana Chakraborty. Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty is the founder of the unique institution called ‘Shrutinandan’ for children along with his wife Smt. Chandana Chakraborty. Smt. Chandana Chakraborty, is herself an acclaimed vocalist as well as the esteemed Prinicpal of the institution. His elder sister Kaushiki Chakraborty, is another prodigee, trained in the tradition of Hindusthani Classical Music.

Ananjan  equally showed interest in vocal and rhythmic instrumental music. He has taken tutelage in Tabla under Shri Mallar Ghosh, son of the all-time great Indian Guru Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh.

From childhood his intense affinity towards music, rhythm and sound had developed his passion for studying sound engineering. This led to the admission in Digital Academy , Mumbai under the celebrated sound designer/engineer Mr. Daman Sood. After completing his course in the Digital Academy, he returned to Kolkata and started applying his experiences to the newly established studio at Shrutinandan which would benefit the pupils of the institution.

After Ananjan passed out from Digital Academy, Mumbai, in 2012, he got the rare opportunity to do a short-term internship course of Sound and Recording Arts at Omen Room Studios, Los Angeles, USA under Mr Matt Borden.

In 2013 January, Ananjan financed and produced his first album named 'Sur Prabaaha' a Tribute to his father at the 60th Birthday Celebration, which was the first product of Studio Shrutinandan. He composed, produced music, recorded and mixed the full album.

In 2014, Ananjan worked as Composer, Music Arranger and a Sound Engineer in a pop album named 'Mashruf' featuring Ms. Anasmita Ghosh. He also produced music in another album named, 'Khawahishein' by Ms. Sayani Palit. This year he bagged his first Award - He had been awarded the Indian Recording Arts Award by Mr K J Singh (Mixing Engineer of popular Music Director Mr A R Rahman) as the 'Best Upcoming Mixing Engineer in Film Music' for his album 'Sur Prabaaha'. He started learning Western Classical Piano from Trinity College of London under the tutelage of Mr Jyotiska Dasgupta.

In 2015, Ananjan recorded and produced music for his elder sister, Kaushiki in her first Non-Film Indian Pop Music Album named, 'Karvaan', released by 'Times Music', which got popular all over the country.

Ananjan has worked with many eminent music directors and producers in various film and non-film projects.

Ananjan have deep interest to work for the New Generation Musicians and Music Producers of his time to give them the maximum exposure to the mass and the industry. Under the banner of Ananjan Studio he is regularly conducting different course of Music Production and Music Business to give maximum benefit to the independent young aspiring musicians of the country in order to preserve the musical heritage.

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Khuji Tomari Thikana - Arpita Ghoshal | Ananjan

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